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Rainbow Folk 

"Colour is a power which directly influcences the soul" - Wassily Kandinsky

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Walk the Plank

A quick make shift pirate ship equals an easy Set up for your Rainbow Folk. Make them walk the plank into the shark infested waters!


Beach Fun

Heading to the beach? With water resistant Paint you can't go wrong with adding these to your beach bag. 

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek

Have some fun together by hiding the Folk around a room and take turns at finding them. So simple yet so engaging.


Colour Match

Perfect for boat play, the shawl becomes a beautiful sail on a windy day. All aboard!


Colour Hunt

Can you and yours find colours from around the home to match  the 12 beautiful Rainbow Folk? Can you do this outdoors too? Some colours prove for a great challenge. 



Set the scene for your child/ren by laying the Shawl flat and adding some sea creatures!

colour people1.jpg

A Crowd

Does your child like an audience? Let the show begin! A great crowd awaits.



Learning Colours

I love grabbing a basket full and lining up the Folk by going through the colours. The different shades of colours is fun for learning. 


Lets Party!

Does your child like an audience? Let the show begin! A great crowd awaits.


Set the Scene

Providing a Scene for your child to start can set their imagination running wild. Let them take over from your wonderland invitation. 

Photo Credit: our_double_adventure


On Display

Having items accessible and on display is a visual cue for your child to include them in their play. Your child has the freedom to incorporate these items into their every day play as they wish. 


Boat Fun 

The perfect figurines to place on your child's boat, raft or vessel. Perhaps they're driving a racing car?


Obstacle Course

The floor is lava! Don't let the Rainbow Folk fall in. The perfect figures for your next obstacle course!


Playdough Fun!

Grab some playdough and get creating! A gown, hat, scarf. This is so much fun for all ages. 


Rock Play

After a rewarding day of collecting natural resources, bring them home to be enjoyed in your child's favourite play.


Small World



Painting Folk

Enjoy watching your child put the Rainbow Folk down in a drawing or painting. 


Another Idea


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